2014 - August album of the month - unisonic - "light of dawn "

Hey everyone,

Unisonic took a lot of people by storm with their debut album and the first song on that record gaining a lot of recognition. Why not? They had Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske back together along with two members of Pink Cream 69 at the time. The song and the guitar playing really just blew everyone away.


Although I thought the album was pretty good with some nice tracks on it, I felt that the rest of their debut album never really matched the first track on the album as far as intensity goes or feel for that matter.

Light of Dawn came out and really impressed me. The album was not only consistent but it had a much better feel to it.

In fact there isn't a bad song on this album. The debut was good but had a few songs I decided to skip since they bored the hell out of me. This album however is much different. I loved each and every track on this.

Many bands that recently form and put out an album need some time to gel and get their musical chemistry together. On the first Unisonic album that's exactly what happened. They really hadn't worked together as a whole yet when putting together an album. Although Kosta and Dennis had played together over 20+ years Kiske and Hansen hadn't done much since their Helloween days aside from some odds and ends here and there.

Overall this album exceeded expectations. I was really suprised on how awesome this was and if you love power metal with an AOR vibe then definitely get this! It doesn't disappoint!

Tony Webster 8/25/2014

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