Retro album of the month: march 2014 - theocracy - "Theocracy"

Hey everyone!

So I was thinking about this month's Retro Album of the Month and I was stumped. With so many great releases in the past it becomes a daunting task to really figure out which album really deserves this award. To be honest there are thousands that do. So much great stuff out there it's hard to pick just one album per month. Then it hit me, any type of back catalog album out there I am listening to is something I will consider bringing into the spotlight.

So let's talk about Theocracy's debut album shall we? I love their last two records and never honestly heard the debut as it was hard to find and out of print so I never bothered. Welkl they just reissued this, remixed it, remastered it and re-recorded the drums and let me tell you once I bought it and heard it I could not believe how awesome this album is!

These guys are a great band from here in Atlanta Georgia. I first heard them when I bought their latest album "As The World Bleeds" and I was totally hookerd after that. Even had lead vocalist Matt Smith on the show a couple years back.

Here's what I can tell you about this album, it's awesome! I don't know how else to put it. In fact I would stack this up against any powermetal album out there including Theocracy's debut album. I admit to the fact I expected this to be a decent album with bad production and mediocre songs. Boy was I wrong on that one! The first song on this album totally hooked me and the title track is also one of the best power metal anthems I have ever heard!

Some of you may ask how this compares to their back catalog. Well I can say at the very least it's on par with the other two albums this band has put out. Many people cite Mirror of Souls as their favorite at least that's the imput I get from many of the show's listeners. Then there are those who will say "As The World Bleeds" is their best. Personally if you disregarded thier self titled album or didn't like how the first version of the album sounded then by all means everyone you all need to pick this thing up! It's absolutely amazing! When it comes to the songs I keep thinking to myself "THIS IS A DEBUT ALBUM?!" In any case if you like Power Metal that's catchy, well done, well played and well produced then not only check out Theocracy but check out their debut album! You absolutely cannot go wrong with this album!

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-Tony Webster 1/24/2014

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