2015 - January album of the month - Serious Black- "As Daylight Breaks "

Hey everyone,

It's been very difficult to come up with a first album of the month because there just isn't much out yet. However the last couple of weeks I have had some amazing releases come my way! So after listening to many of them I decided to name the debut album by Serious Black as the Album of The Month!

When I first heard of this project a few months back I saw it had an amazing lineup of musicians that i have been a fan of for quite a number of years. Urban Breed is usually amazing at anything he does so that was a big thing for me. Anything Urban seems to be involved with comes out great.

Then when I started reading the details behind the band not only did I see that former Blind Guardian and Savage Circus drummer Thomen Stauch was playing drums but this album also has Roland Grapow playing on it! This is not to discount the other musicians playing on the album, because they had a big impact on the songwriting and that's what it comes down to after all, some awesome songwriting right? This album has it, amazing production, songs, and musicianship and most of all......some amazing melodies!


Although I think the album is strong from top to bottom and that all of the songs on this thing are great some of my personal highlights are: High and Low, Trail of Murder, As Daylight Breaks, Older and Wiser and Listen to the Storm. The other highlight was the Genesis cover as a bonus track "No Son of Mine". I thought the band did an excellent job on this.

Overall not a bad start to the year so far. This album is a definite highlight and although I had never heard of Jan Vacik, Mario Lochert or Dominik Sebastian before this release....rest assured that I will be following whatever they do closely because these guys are also monster players! If you like great songs, melodies and hooks with a great production then this album is definitely for you! A 10/10 for me!



Teramaze Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/seriousblackofficial

Termaze Facebook Page: http://www.serious-black.com

Tony Webster 1/31/2015

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