Retro album of the month: July 2014 - Judas Priest - "screaming for Vengeance"

Hey everyone!

With Judas Priest releasing a new album this year I did something I always do when a legendary band goes and puts out a new album. I listen to their entire back catalog that way when the new album comes out i have a fresh perspective and i have something to compare it to. So when listening to all of their past albums in chronological order I sort of stopped at this one for an entire week. Something about this record really struck me again.

This record was a significant part of my personal soundtrack in high school. In fact before every football game I played in my senior year I would listen to this album on the bus on the way to an away game or before a home game.

Something about this record really motivated me as a person back in the day. So when they reissued it again with a DVD and a host of other goodies I had actually not listened to the album when they reissued it a couple years back because like most radio DJs and shows out there, you get so much stuff sent over to lusten to and your time is so limited I sort of overlooked it.

Anyway when listening to this album this past week and hearing some of the best clsssics Judas Priest have ever put out it became obvious that this just HAD to be Retro Album of the Month this month!

Many bands who are influenced by Judas Priest always reference this record as one that reallly inspired them along with Sad Wings of Destiny. What's not to like here anyway? Electric Eye, Riding on The Wind, Fever, Bloodstone, You've Got Another Thing Comin, and the title track are just some examples of how awesome Judas Priest was during this period and why they will continue to be one of the most legendary heavy metal bands of all time. I for one am proud I make it Retro Album of the Month for July!

-Tony Webster 7/25/2014

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