2-7-2012 - Show Recap from 2-3-2012

Hey Everybody!

Sorry it took so long to write my recap from this past week. Just too much going on this weekend to get a recap here on time! So what can I say everyone? This past week was a fun show in fact it was a really fun show. First off I was bombarded by a nunch of emails asking me to talk about the entire Bill Ward Black Sabbath drama. To be honest it's all about the money when it comes to this and I am so sick of these types of things that I couldn't even care less at this point. Ozzy's voice is shot any way. It's not like this reuniuon would have sounded good with the Ozzman singing. Bill Ward is getting shafted and is probably being given an unfair contract in all of this and I am willing to bet that that the Osbourne camp were trying to railroad him. It's also never a good idea to announce a reunion until everyone has signed on and signed their contracts. BIG PR Mistake for sure. It just goes to show just how much of a disaster and a debacle this reunion actually is. I hate to say I told you so but.....I told you so back when this was first announced.

Now let's talk about the band Lanfear! This is one hell of a band and their new album in my opinion is going to shape up as being one of the best releases of the year. Just an outstanding record from start to finish. I received a lot of good feedback from everybody when it came to this interview and again I thank everyone for listening to the show this past week.

Markus and I connected on a personal level, he is a lot like me in many ways which is why I had so much fun talking to him. From how he writes songs to what kind of music fan that he is we are almost identical and that can be scarey hahaha! However I will say that he was also a very fun and down to earth person. I look forward to featuring this band many more times on the show in the future and I can see things getting much bigger for these guys the more albums that they put out.


I like the current lineup of this band the best. Sometimes there are bands who are good but really haven't found "themselves". These guys have found themselves and I am looking forward to

I can tell you that there are many more great bands you may not have even heard of coming on the show all of which have some killer music coming at you so stay tuned everyone bec ause it's going to be a wild ride in 2012! Next week's interview will be with Piet Sielck of Iron Savior which is a great interview that I am proud to be able to bring to all of you this Friday!!

Other than that I know this is a bit short but I am actually short on time this week.

Top 10 albums for the week:

1. Lanfear - This Harmonic Consonance
2. Virgin Steele - Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part 1
3. Pharaoh - Bury The Light
4. Nightwish - Imaginarium
5. Primal Fear - Unbreakable
6. Realm - Suiciety
7. Rawhead Rexx - Diary In Black
8. Unisonic - Ignition EP
9. Masterplan - Masterplan
10. Iron Savior - The Landing


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