show recap from 2-24-2012

Hey everyone

Well last week was kind of crazy for me as I was extremely sick and didn't have a voice all weel. Fortunately Friday was the day my voice started coming back, it was like an act of the Metal Gods who came and brought me back my voice. However it was still strained so I apologize to all of you if I didn't seem like I wanted to talk that much while on the air.

I will say that I have been listening to the new Shok Paris song from their upcoming album. The Song is called "Those Eyes". As of right now I am liking the song, hard to describe what it sounds like compared to their other releases but I would say it sounds like classic Shok Paris. Maybe it sounds like something off of Go For The Throat but more modern sounding. Hard to say at this point but as I listen to this track I will definitely have a better description for all of you.

As far as the interview with Tesseract goes. I will say I had some interesting responses to it. First off I didn't know what to expect because this is totally not the typical type of band that usually gets played on my show. Second, they are a very unique band, unlike anything that your typical metalhead would listen to. So it is always risky to bring a band like this on the show. I never realized just how big of a fanbase that Tesseract actually has, then again that's what touring does for you. If you can afford to tour and if you get the proper support it's easy to gain yourself a pretty big fanbase. Whole I wouildn't say Tesseract's fanbase is as big as say, Iron Maiden, they certainly have a sizeable one as I received quite a few emails from people moreso than I usually do for many bands because after all, they have been touring the states for close to two years now. I found that many of the people who also emailed me are people who don't typically listen to Metal. I found this as a bit strange but then when I thought more about it I took into account the fact that Tesseract isn't your typical band and therefore could draw fans from other genres of music.

I am really excited to hear a new Shok Paris album. This is something I have wanted to happen for a very long time but for a long time they were just content to play some shows here and there but really record nothing new. I consider Steel and Starlight one of the greatest metal albums ever recorded. This isn't because they are from Cleveland, I don't carry bias as to where a band is from but rather, what kind of music that they put out. So when I say that this album is one of my favorites of all time, it's not because the band is from Cleveland but because of the fact I think the record is THAT good. Also, the song "Go Down Fighting" is probably one of the greatest metal anthems of all time. I was eager to hear some new Shok Paris and now a full length will be coming out hopefully this year. I cannot wait to finally hear this.

On another note, Shawn Vanek from Eternal Legacy recorded and mixed the track, he did a good job in my opinion.

So that's it for now, this week we have an interview with Matt Johnsen of Pharaoh. I think you will all enjoy it!

My top 10 for the week:

1. Pharaoh - Bury The Light
2. Tesseract - One
3. Testament - The New Order
4. Cage - Supremacy of Steel
5. Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond
6. Blind Guardian - Memories of a Time to Come
7. Jack Starr's Burning Star - Land of The Dead
8. Prial Fear - Unbreakable
9. Fates Warning - Parralells
10. Exodus - Exhibit B The Human Condition



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