show recap from 2-17-2012

Hey Metalheads!

Well where to styart on this one. I am sorry it took me sooooooooooooooo l,ong to post another show recap. I had a really bad flu and it was impossible to even have the energy to even write this. I started catching it this past Friday while on the show itself as I felt like I was getting congested and I felt that I had a fever, sure enough I did when I got home that night and I have had nothing but a week full of pure misery and sleepless nights due to the fact I couldn't breathe and I was sick. I sat at home watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix between shifts at work which weren't the most fun out there especially when you are sick.

So with that I want to than k you all for your patience and to those who donated to the station this year for the Sting Phone A Thon. I have to say I have become a fan of Stu Marshall's guitar playing over the past month. The Empires of Eden album Reborn In Fire is simply awesome. Even if you took the singers off of it and it was just a regular metal album with one singer it would sound amazing simply because the guy is a good songwriter. I also think that of all the singers he has worked with that Sean Peck is by far the best fit fir his songwriting. I don;t know why that is aside from the fact it's basic musical chemistry. The other guys granted, are good and they fit but they don't fit like Sean and Stu making music together. Something tells me these guys should make an album together at some point, it would be awesome and I think an album with those two guys on it would sound fantastic.

The interview overall was received really well. Again just like the interview with Lanfear not many people even heard of Empires of Eden or of Stu Marshall but I am glad I was able to expose this to everyone out there, because this is the mission of my show. Stu and I have a lot in common when it comes to many of the bands and musicians that we both like and I think this is a big reason why we clicked so well during our interview. I really think this guy will be making a bigger name for himself over the next few years if he keeps making the music that he doesn. Reborn in Fire also sounds unique for what it is even though it's more or less a straight ahead metal album. Yeah there's nothing new or groundbreaking but you don't need to be new and groundbreaking when you write good songs and that is exactly what Stu and the singers on that album did, write good songs and in the end that's what matters. Look at the last Iron Savior album for example, Piet didn't write anything which sounds that much different than what they had done in the past but the difference between their new album and the last couple of albums is the fact that they wrote better songs. Stu is a genunily good guy. You can tell by just how much he enjoys talking to the fans. He always responds and talks to any fan who emails him or posts on the Empires of Eden Facebook page or webpage. There are a lot of musiciains who simply just do not take the time to do this.

It's hard to really compare Stu's guitar playing to anyone out there. While you can definitely hear some of his big influences in his music he has a style all his own which in today's music climate is more necessary than ever given the amount of musicians that exist out there playing metal today. AT some e point I would love to see Stu get every singer together that he has worked with on a tour and would love to see something like this happen. Each singer sing his own song while doing backing vocals for the others. Something like that would be freaking awesome. Then maybe as an encore do a cover song and each singer sing a part in it.

To sum it up, Stu Marshall reminds me of a kid in a sense that he loves metal music and is now working with some of the singers he has iloved growing up and rightfully so, the guy has talent and he is down to earth which to be honest is a rarity these days.

Big shout out to the folks from the land down under at RODE Microhpones! You guys rule!

Well that's it for now, i had to keep it brief because I am behind the 8 Ball when it comes to my schedule. Tonight we will have an interview with Tesseract guitarist James Monteith!


My top 10 for the week:

1. Empires of Eden - Reborn in Fire
2. Tesseract - On e
3. Virgin Steele - The House of Atraeus Act 1
4. Star One - Space Metal
5. Ayreon - Actual Fantasy
6. Pharaoh - Bury The Light
7. Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth
8. Jack Starr's Burning Star - Land of The Dead
9. Primal Fear - Unbreakable
10. Lanfear - This Harmonic Consonance


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