album of the month june 2014 - anubis gate- "horizons"

Hey everyone,

There are bands that come around and make me wonder and ask the question "Why don't they get more recognition?". Anytime I think of that phrase Anubis Gate is one of many bands that comes to my mind. These guys have it going on when it comes to writing great prog songs. Albums like "The Detached" and "Andromeda Unchained" are perfect examples of this. Take a flashback to about 10 years ago. I heard of this really awesome band from Denmark called Anubis Gate. Bought their debut album and really loved what I heard. I have been a fan ever since! Over the years they have been a band that I have followed pretty close.

So here we are, a new release by Anubis Gate called "Horizions". I had a good feeling this would be an awesome album and that they would again not disappoint me.

What I heard completely blew me away, I was expecting a good release but I was NOT expecting an album so strong it could be album of the year on this show!

Sometimes a lineup change in a band can be a bad thing and sometimes a lineup change can really transform a band and help them put out one of if not the best album they have ever put out. Anubis Gate has not only put out an amazing record but they also put out an album that is a total candidate for "Album of the Year". This is their best release to date not only from a songwriting standpoint but the production standpoint as well.

If you like awesome prog metal with catchy hooks, great melodies and awesome arrangements this is not only the album for you but I encourage everyone to check out the entire discography by Anubis Gate. These guys are definitely one of the best prog metal bands out there and definitely need more recognition!

Check out their website:

Tony Webster 6/22/2014

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