10-21-2013 - the past and the future

Hey everyone!

So how long has it been since I wrote my last blog? Like 200 years ago? Well it seems like a long time and in fact it has been far too long. So much has happened in the last year and a half it would be difficult to put it into words. One thing that really hasn't changed during this time is my love for music and my passion for promoting it on this show.

I cannot tell all of you or put into words everything I have been through, it has been a rough year and a half. However what I can say is that I came out a stronger person. This site was built over a year and a half ago to really bring out this show and expand it's presence. This coming year is going to be huge for The Metal Command Radio Show for sure!

There's a lot that will be happening. The new Archetype album will be coming out, just received a copy of the new cover and man it's amazing. I am right now finishing up the liner notes for the booklet and then we can get the album out!


There has been a lot going on in my life as of late and this has been a bad year for me personally and things had been put on hold in a sense. The show is going to make a huge transition for the better and I wanted to roll most of this out late last year but things became too insane in my life so there was no way to do it in the proper manner. However there are three significant changes to the show that are going to be happening.

I have had numerous emails from people asking me to do video blogs and suppliment the show on youtube. I have done a lot of thinking about this and realized that it would really benefit the bands who get promoted on the show a lot. Not only can I put my interviews on here but I can also do video blogs and comment about much of what goes on in the metal world. It's very hard to do this on a 3 hour show that airs once a week. The new youtube channel will spotlight interviews, new releases and much more. It will also suppliment the next two changes that will happen with the show.

The next two changes in store is to start naming an "Album of the Month" and a "Retro Album of the Month".

The album of the month will consist of a release in whatever year we are in. So for example when I announce the October 2013 album of the month.......it will be a 2013 release. In 2014 it will be a 2014 release, in 2015 a 2015 release. I will spotlight this on the show, on the website in a blog and I will also suppliment this with a youtube commentary about the album. I like doing this especially for an album that has really hit home with me. When an artist puts out something that is beyond groundbreaking and it hits home with me, they deserve to be rewarded with a bit extra promotionwise.

"Retro Album of the Month" is anything released prior to the current release year. So if it's 2013 anything that came out before 2013 whether it came out in 2012, 1992, 1973 or what not if it is a back catalog record it will be eligible. Metal has such a long and awesome history it would be a shame to not spotlight something that came out in the past. People tend to forget the previous releases as everyone is so focused on new albums along with labels constantly pushing the new stuff until they are blue in the face. This section will be a place for retro releases to get their name out there!

Well that about does it everybody. Look for great things in the coming days!


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