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7-25-2014 - Interview with OverKill singer Bobby Blitz Ellsworth Tonight!

Blitz makes a return to the show for the first time in a long time! <<click here>>


6-22-2014 - Album of the month - Anubis Gate - "Horizons"

Anubis Gate - Album of the month for June 2014! <<read more>>


6-22-2014 - Retro Album of the Month - Helloween - "The Time of the Oath"

Helloween come in with the retro album of the month for June 2014! <<read more>>


6-19-2014 - Interview with Maxxwell Carlslie this Friday

Check it out in the news section


5-28-2014 - Album of the Month: Hatriot - "Rise of a New Centurian "

Hatriot's new album is amazing! Check out my review by <<clicking here>>



5-28-2014 - Retro album of the Month: Anthrax - "Sound of White Noise "

Anthrax and the Sound of White Noise get the nod for Retro album of the Month Check out the review by <<clicking here>>



4-25-2014 - Album of the Month: Iron Savior - "Rise of the Hero"

Album of the month for April! Iron Savior's "Rise of the Hero" <<read more>>



4-25-2014 - Retro album of the Month: Exodus - "Bonded By Blood"

The classic debut by Exodus is this month's "Retro Album of the Month" <<read more>>



4-24-2014 - Interview with Piet Sielck of Iron Savior now online!

For more information check out the interviews section


4-9-2014 - Interview with Anubis Gate's Kim Olesen now online!

Check out the details here in the interviews section


3-26-2014 - Interview with Dean wells of Teramaze this Friday!

Check out the interview by going to the interviews section


3-26-2014 - Gus G of Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne interview now online!

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3-16-2014 - Paul Masvidal of Cynic interview now online!

Check it out in the interviews section



3-13-2014 - Interview with Andi deris of Helloween is now online !!

Check it out in the interviews section


3-2-2014 - Stu Marshall of Deathdealer Interview now online!

Stu Marshall comes back on the show to give us all of the details about the new Deathdealer album as well as some Empires of Eden info! On another note, I am also making a guest appearance as a vocalist on the next Empires of Eden! Check it out in the Interviews section <<click here>>



2-13-2014 - Interview with Sean Peck of Cage and Deathdealer is now online!

Check it out in the interviews section! <<click here>>















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