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3-15-2017 Interview with Matt Smith of Theocracy this Friday!

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3-08-2017! Interview with Michael Stutzer Hansen of Artillery this Friday!

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3-07-2017! Interview with Curran Murphy of Shatter Messiah now online!

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2-27-2017! Interview with Hansi Kursch of Blind Guardian now online!

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2-26-2017 - Album of the month. Kreator "Gods of Violence"

Kreator's latest masterpiece is album of the month for February! <<click here>>



2-18-2017 - Retro album of the month - Cage - "Science of Annihilation"

Cage Science of Annihilation is retro album of the month! <<click here>>


2-18-2017 - Interview with Nick Van Dyk of Redemption Now online!

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2-9-2017 - Interview with Andi Deris now online!

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2-9-2017 - Interview with Kim Olesen of Anubis Gate is now online!

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1-26-2017 - Interview With Sean Peck of Cage, Deathdealer and Denner Sherman is now online!

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1-25-2017 - Album of the Month: Firewind "Immortals"

Well this isn't a shock for many of you but January's Retro album of the month is none other than Keeper of the 7 Keys Part 1! In the wake of the upcoming tour that includes the current lineup and special guests Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen this was a perfect time for this album to get some spotlight here. <<click here>>

1-25-2017 - Retro Album of the Month: Helloween - "Keeper of the 7 Keys Part 1"

I have been a longtime fan of Firewind. I remember when "Burning Earth" came out and I was totally hooked onto their music and Gus G's guitar playing. We haven't heard from Firewind much and in fact 2012 was the last album. <<click here>>


1-20-2016 - Interview with Mark Briody of Jag Panzer is now online!

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1-14-2017 - Interview with Rock N Rolf of Running Wild is now online!

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